Send Direct SMS from Zoho Leads and Contacts with Gunisms

sms with zoho crm

Send Direct SMS from Zoho Leads and Contacts with Gunisms

Integrating the SMS feature with Zoho Leads and Contacts is a game-changer for your business. With a staggering 98% open rate and a remarkable 38% conversion rate, SMS emerges as a powerful tool for direct and effective communication. By connecting this feature with Zoho’s lead and contact management system, you ensure seamless engagement with potential and existing customers. Instant notifications, personalized messages, and quick responses become the norm, enhancing customer relationships and driving conversions

1. Install Guni Private Zoho App ( click below button & install app)
  • Continue with your Zoho Account


2. Continue with Guni App installation
  • Check the Terms of Service
  • Check Authorize Gunisms
  • Continue

3. Setup Gunisms App



Gunisms application installation complete

4.  Start using SMS from Leads
  • Open your lead
  • Send SMS to lead from the top right option Send Guni QuickSMS



  • Send Quick SMS
    • Type the message that you wish to send and add personalization
    • Click Send

4. SMS History
  • Scroll the lead page till the end.

6. Send SMS to multiple Leads & Contacts
  • Select multiple contacts & leads from the list.
  • Click the Send Guni BulkSMS from the top option


  • Compose and send
    • Type the message
    • Add personalization
    • Click Send