Get SMS Replies in Google Sheet

Get SMS Replies in Google Sheet

With Guni, integrating SMS replies into Google Sheets streamlines your workflow. This seamless connection empowers your sales and operations teams to respond to customer inquiries and take necessary actions swiftly. By consolidating communication data within Google Sheets, Guni facilitates efficient tracking and analysis of responses, enabling informed decision-making. Whether it’s addressing customer concerns, managing sales leads, or optimizing operational processes, Guni’s integration empowers your team to stay organized and responsive.

1. Go to Guni Integration
  • Go to Google Sheet & click Connect.

2. Copy Guni GoogleID and share Google sheet

Copy : and click next.


3. Go to Google Sheet

4. Share sheet with Guni
  • Paste :
  • Select Editor
  • Click Send

Click Share Anyway

5. Copy Google Sheet URL

6. Go back to Gunisms Integrations

  • Click Next

Paste Google Sheet URL and click Verify


7.  Start getting responses in Google Sheet
  • Guni will create new date tabs.
  • A response will include:
    • Sender
    • Receiver
    • Name
    • Message
    • Time