Send SMS from Zoho – Workflow

Zoho CRM - SMS Automation

Send SMS from Zoho – Workflow

This dynamic duo empowers automation, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity. Zoho Workflow, coupled with Gunisms, orchestrates seamless communication within your organization, ensuring staff and customers are promptly notified at every stage of the workflow.

With Gunisms and Zoho Workflow, your business embraces the future of automation, driving growth, and delivering exceptional experiences to both staff and customers alike.

1. Login to you Zoho Account
  • Click > Setup


2. Click Automation > Actions

3. Click > Webhook > Configuration Webhook

Fill out the webhook form:

Name : Guni SMS Workflow – welcome SMS

Method : Get

URL to Notify:

Authorization: General

Module: Leads/Contact/Account

Choose as per your requirements. Here, we are showing SMS workflow with Leads.

Add URL parameters:

leadid > Leads > Lead ID

contact > Leads > Mobile

If you need to send Personalization, you can add an extra parameter here. Please use the field without space. Example – name or first_name

Add custom parameters:

Message: Message you want to send( Add personalization parameter here Send SMS from Zoho – Workflow)

Token: Guni SMS API token – generate token – gunisms/integration

Click Save


4. Create Rule
  • Click > Workflow

  • Click > Create Rule

  • Click > Module Select > Leads > Rule Name > Next

  • Select > Record Action

  • This is used only for demonstration. You are free to choose any other action
  • Click Next

  • Add condition > Next

  • Instant Actions or Schedule
  • Select Webhook > New created Gunisms Webhook

  • Click Save