How to import existing Capsule contacts into Guni

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How to import existing Capsule contacts into Guni

If you already have a set of contacts in Capsule then you can export them all in one go to a CSV file and then import that directly into Guni. To do that you can follow these steps

1. Login to you Capsule

1 .Login to Capsule and go to People & Organizations > filter for the contacts you want to export.

2. At this point it can be helpful to make sure your list contains the columns that you want to bring across to Wati. You can do that using the little ‘columns’ icon at the top of the list. Wati supports Name, Phone and custom attributes.

3. Click the button to Export and then choose Visible Columns to include just the columns from your list view. Make sure you also select the CSV option. Note that you need to have export permissionsin Capsule in order to do this.

4. Once you have your CSV file, you need to edit the file to have primary columns – Name, & Phone. You will need to manually split the phone number field into the CountryCode and Phone fields.

5. Then log in to Guni, go to the Audience Module, click Import, and follow the process to import the CSV file.

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